Hi! We are Best Toilet Games,

small indie game studio from Poland. We create mobile and HTML5 games. Click a game button below to try our games. If you have any question or if you want to cooperate with us feel free to contact us.

Our Games


My Doggy VR

The care of a virtual pet has never been so real. Immerse yourself in the virtual reality world and look after one of the five puppies.
My Doggy VR is a game that is entertaining but also teaches - feeding, washing and cleaning up your pet are some of the responsibilities that are facing the player. In addition to taking care of the needs of the dog, the game also offers access to many games and play. Running the canyon, chipping rubber ducks or flying a plane, are just some of the attractions waiting for you.
If you are an animal lover, this game is definitely for you!

More info on: MyDoggyVR.com



Dots is a relaxing arcade game, which assumes the familiar childhood play "connecting dots". The players task is to connect all the points placedon the board to reveal the illustration on the board.
The gameplay is accompanied by calm, relaxing music and nice graphic design, which fits nicely into the hasty action of the game.
Sounds banal? We assure you that it is not ...

More info on: TheDotsGame.com



Towerman is an extremely addictive arcade game in a retro style. Your main task is to beat another height record and unlock the in-game bonuses. The game offers the old-school graphics and the ability to compete for the highest score against other players from around the world.
If you like games like Flappy Bird, Swing Copters or Timberman you'll love this game!.



SokoBall is a puzzle game for users of all ages. It is a follow up release to the classic Sokoban– one of the most popular puzzle games ever. Your goal is to push boxes to storage locations. It is not always as easy as it looks like, taking into account that you cannot pull boxes nor walk over them. You can push only one box at a time.


Tandem pumping

Tandem pumping" is a crazy production that can be described in three words: aliens, windbreaker and tandem. Do not let evil aliens so-called "tiresuckers" sucked all the air out of the tires. Defend with Antonio and Gustavo air in your tires, unlock all the achievements and listen to techno.
Ready? Pump. Shot!

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Catch It!

Catch it! is a very addictive and dynamic arcade game.Minimalist graphics and brilliant in its simplicity the gameplay is addictive and does not allow to break away from the game.Your goal is to catch the falling blocks, collect falling stars and beat the records.
What's your highest score?

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Indyki na PGA

Is a simple shooting games, created for crowdfunding campaign "Indyki na PGA". The objective is simple: shoot the coins to unlock next thresholds campaigns. The game includes a high-score list that allows you to share your top scores and compete for the highest score against other players from all over the world.

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Busted! - CANCELED

Busted is a dynamic arcade game designed for fans of racing games. You play as the driver of the car, which participated in a bank robbery. The main goal of the game is to escape from the police and carry the goods to the place of destination.

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